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Offenburg is in the area of Baden-Württemberg in Germany.  Offenburg has 59,000 inhabitants and is located 25 km East of Strasbourg near the Rhine valley and the Black Forest.

Offenburg has numerous positive sides to it: trade fair and media town, culture and shopping town, wine town, the gate to the Black Forest ...

And those who sit in a street cafe in the town centre on a sunny day immediately notice where this town got its name from: the citizens of Offenburg, or "open castle", as the name is literally translated, are open-minded, the townscape cheerful and congenial, the atmosphere friendly and pleasant, light, open - Offenburg is a European town to feel good in, surrounded by one of Germany's most attractive surroundings, the Ortenau.

Offenburg - the town between the Rhine River and the vines - offers you much: Take your time and inform yourself about the possibilities to explore the region from here. Whether you are on a business trip in Offenburg or on holidays - hotels and restaurants will leave no wish unfulfilled. If you want additional information, order it online now! Have pleasure on your virtual trip through Offenburg.

Discover Offenburg. Take the baroque facades along the high street, for example. The former Königshof was built between 1714 an 1717, and housed the offices of Ortenau district governors. Today it serves as Offenburg police headquarters. At that time, Offenburg belonged to Near Austria. It was the Napoleonic wars that finally brought the influence of the Habsburgs to an end. In 1803, Offenburg joined the Grand Duchy of Baden. Almost fifty years later, in 1848/49, it was at the centre of the Baden revolution. Traces of the Habsburgs can still be found on the town hall built in 1741, which boasts a proud Austrian double eagle on an impressive facade. Our picture gallery shows you some of the most beautiful sightseeing places.

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